Saturday, July 20, 2013

another stage

Holla readers. sorry for abandoned my blog so long. at a sudden urge, i view back my blog and decided to write something today.

After a year plus of Experience. the kitchen life is about to come to the end.

I've decided to change my field. to leave a place which full of laughter, hard work, tears and almost i can called it a HOME place of workplace im so reluctant to leave. it fill with love in it but too bad the place and
environment gone worst.

I have no idea whether is it the right choice of choosing these. Anyway, i just feel like trying it. At least or maybe it get me a better life perhaps.

I don't know why am i having so many thing on my mind whenever im writing blog. And many times end up in a mess. So, if this happened and i will go off. =/ forgive me.

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