Sunday, July 28, 2013

believe,should i

a friend just broke up with her boyfi and these day there's couple friends who asking about relationship thingy.

as we were talking about another half of our life a.k.a partner.
i believe that love will come to you as you believe.
i have try to go for a relationship which not till the LOVE stage and so i had realize it really cant work out with just like or some people so called a oklah.
i just cant. sorry to say that.

saw alot of situation, types of couple and so on. if i say im not afraid to falling in love then im totally fooling you. i scare and easily feeling insecure and i do trust my intuition.maybe it will be bad but sometimes it is a fact till you believe.
although i enjoy my single life but somehow i do really wish there is someone who can be with me like a very very very best friend. mr.B where are you? when are you coming to me? =P

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