Tuesday, July 15, 2014

life stages

After got a flash thru my past blog post only realise that i wrote whenever mood down time..
Yes, this time as well. Emotional attack.
Met someone and get to know that is a kinda of European-thinking elder which i felt is kinda lonely and wish to get along and talk with.
From there, make me think of when future i come to an age and the same things happen.
I cherish the love from family and friends but when ages strike, friends have their own family and family grows old..I Have not think about a marriage life for my own so these thing always come to my mind.
Feeling loved by friends and family is awesome but whenever it comes to funeral or lost really made me feel tears-ing in my heart.

Love is so much important in life and it dont wait anyone.

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Nobody likeyou said...

I hope I'm just a pass-byer in your life so that you won't feel sad when I have to leave, forever. Promise me, no tears, no down feelings, but please miss our good times.