Thursday, January 22, 2009


first of all,can anyone tell me wat blog for..?
1.release feelings / express urself..?
write all da fuckin things happen around us..?
stuff tat u wanna intro to ur close buddy..?
sell sumthing..?
thx sumone..?
drop sum hint for sumone/sumbody..?
to show off..?
fren around..?
10.get urself updated..?
erm,there is much much more if really wanna list out here..
so,if u hav 1 among da ans above then my ans is same goes 2 me..
(overall,u can fuck all freakin stuff here)if im not clear enuf u can get a dictionary if u wan..

but still,SUM ppl doesn't not wat really mean a BLOG..
so,i think i should speak it out once 2 made it clearer..
yea,SUM ppl mean YOU!
n not others ok..

tis is my aka oceanagatha aka lynn aka ocean blog..
tat oso mean tis is own by ME..
if i cant write anything tat i wan then wat for i sign up blogger..?
common sense abit ok..?

n so tats mean tis is a blog tat let me 2 express,release n others shit stuff i can write in tis BLOG..not YOURS!!!
u hav no comments or criticise tat wat im writing..
i love wat i write n tis is non of ur bloody business..

i wont hope U help me 2 advertise or promote my blog..
(if u r beautify my blog then i welcum in million times)
pls keep ur chicken mouth shut if i din giv u a piss..

i jus wanna find a way 2 hav my really-feelin 2 hav a share n if u dun like wat i write then jus leave here v an easy click da cross on ur top right side..
dun giv such shit o keep sayin nonsense there..

i still will love who is love me or care me but for those who try 2 harm me jus PISS OFF from my site n stay away from me,n im jus a ordinary human..

im not a perfect person,my hair doesn't always stay in place and i spills things pretty clumsy and sumtimes i hav a broken heart..
my frens n i sumtimes fight n mayb sumdays nothing goes right,but when i think bout it n take a step bek i remember how amazing life truly is n tat mayb..jus mayb...
i like being da one unperfect..
n whos da one who think he/she is perfect..?
i can undenied tat i've never been perfect but neither hav u..?
GOD doesn't create a 100% person in tis world,n there is no such things in tis world..

kindly flashbek wat u've done..gossipin others bad attitute..?
da character u gossipin others,n r u da one who r not havin tat character..?
think bek before u fuck those bad habit ppl havin..
dun ever fuck all those shit tat u r havin bcoz u r a "rubbish" who r gossipin also..but i think "rubbish" is still too nice for replace you..

im a nothing person as u can translate in hokkien..
if u treat me good then im oso ok 2 u but if u r tryin 2 harm me,then i will try 2 chop u off from my life oso..dun try 2 play v me,coz i will let u commit suiside..
as us usually say-做人呢,agak agak就好..
dun too over,coz tat wont let u gone perfect..
dun try 2 b 100%,coz GOD is not ur job,GOD create u n ur job is b ordinary..
done ur job before u run to others..
u r jus a passbyer in my life n u mean nothin 2 me..
pls dun too over o 2 b fool 2 me..
if u wanna shit n not belong 2 here jus get outta here..there is no patron n backer n no one will b urs too..
and dun ever DON'T ppl if u r da who DO..

dun try 2 disorder anyone relationship here..
dung doesn't mean anythin 2 me if da one simply shit n tats a dung for me..
even a hoodoo is worth than a dung..
idk u r reading tis o not,coz im havin myself a huge release here at my OWN blog n sharing my feelings v my buddies..
if u cant take it,tats ur problem..
i dun bother..

lastly,i wanna emphasize once again,im not sayin sumone who treat me bad n i hav not enuf freedom..
im a teenager who is everyone will definately passby stage,pls dun say u dun hav such stage before..
if ur ans is really a NO,then u r really a weirdo!

p/s:i noe u love me n love her..

but pls dun ever broke our relationship..
ppl will always hav da arguement n bosong in life n who does not..?
im jus express it in a different way..
not everyone do da same things when things goes on..
u hav 2 realise tat no one hav 2 follow wat u order..
(sorry 2 all my lovely buddies for spoilin ur guys CNY mood coz sum annoyin "SPAMMERS" here,i nit 2 hav a self release here)

i think tis is da 1st time i write such a long post..pheww!!hand really tired of typin such long post..

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