Thursday, January 22, 2009

jus around da corner

yea yea yea..jus 3 more days..chinese new year is around da small corner..

how will my 2009 chinese new year be..?

2008 din get to celebrate it v my buddy bcoz im in ireland n guess wat..

tats were da 1st year we left our high skul n couldn't mix up v it..

will tis year a happenin year for me..?

wish im enjoyin tat..

n thx 2 bALitOnG coz,

yday receive a facebook group request n CNY event from them..

(i noe tis logo is nice but no copy ok)
so god damn happy tat im consider a group members of them..

wish they r blameless v tis small lil potato hav a hand in tis group..

last but not least,

happy OX year 2 everyone n have a great awesome year guys!
c u guys on CNY!!!

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