Friday, February 6, 2009

gatherin gatherin gatherin

all i can say tat is,chinese new year is a great day for fren gatherin n get in touch v each other..
coz all ur beloved frens will definately went bek for at least 2 days..
on chinese new year,there is non-stop yum-cha session..
but i loved it goddamn much..
altho sumtimes we will hav those "cold" topic but at least there sumthin we can sit now n bullshit around da FRIENDS..
Chinese New Year u can meet tonnes of fren tat sum of them u din see them like ages or sum r hard 2 meet up on others day..
frankly,i feel glad tat i meet so many frens on chinese new year..
i can say tat i appreciate tat a million times..
i love all my frens coz i think tat is hard 2 becum frens n so tat i cherish wat i gain..
but if those who r harmful then tat is a end story for me without hesitatin..
so yea frens,cherish wat u hav rite now without complainin..
(problems different story but hav 2 solve it oso)
dun ever regret after things hav done..
cheers guys..
love yea all..
n HEART chinese new year tats bring me alot of happiness..
kisses from me 2 u guys!

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