Friday, February 20, 2009

hang out day

havin a day out v DaDa 2day n oso meet many frens of her.. 1stly was Marilyn whos from Ipoh..n then siang ming n (forgotten his name-paiseh)
[but din took any pic v them=X]
then is xue yun who is goin 2 married soon
we walk at the curve n oso Ikea n we hav tonnes of fun there doin sohai stuff v all those furniture..will try 2 upload those sohai thingy okay..n after fetch Xue Yun we headed 2 1u for dinner n we saw da Love Board tat wrote over there..
chio rite..n i saw a very i-love sunglasses at the curve but no stock ad..T_T
n im dark in tis pic rite..?n i feel like cut my fringe..i miss my old fringe so BAD~~~

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