Friday, February 20, 2009


pain pain pain
im in a fuckin pain situation wtf!!!
da 1st time auntie visit me tis year n giv me such pain !!!
n y do gal nit to suffer those ?
oh god
help me
pls release my pain
n here 2 wish kennieXx kheng a very happy buff-day~~
teehee =D,ouch!
n before i forget,i think i should hav sum edit bout da previous post of da movie Eden Lake after im quite agree bout wat my cousin bro say..
yea..mayb im those who love good ending..
after flashbek for Eden Lake..
altho i really hate Eden Lake but it do tells da facts of life is bitch n sux sumtimes..
[coz da main actress run for her life so hard but still fuck off at last..]
tis movie is so hell REAL for all da cruelness they made..
i can say tat altho im so damn angry v da endin but all da stuff in tis movie u can even feel those feelings...
so yea,mayb u guys should giv a try on these kind of movie..
but i still dun like it..

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