Tuesday, February 3, 2009

im bek!

hey guys..miss me not..?hmm..i think u guys dun..haha
anyway..there will b tonnes of photos cumin up coz i really meet up many many frens on CNY..
day 1-
gamble at Ck house
sue hammer
Ck vinnie King Jun Joseph
$$$ group photo b4 leave
then da 2nd day-

Balitong gatherin BBQ nite.

adelle emily celine mei mei
wai kit
perk da Group~
day 3-
keet oon mun qi
hwee en ming hang waithing
suwen hui hgoh yaya
wooi sen seow ling
boi peng wei chung
mei sei kia jin
jia wei
day 4-
sin ink
pei wen yennie
da LK buddy-cheah
mei kit
at nite-visit my granddaddy very best buddy..

he is a great guy who work 2gether v my grandpa from young till old..

he can say tat one of my grandpa oso..

but so sad 2 c him at da old folks home but anyway i will visit him whenever i bek 2 baby town..
after tat,2 another relative house..v the niece n nephew.. day 5- al' fresco
eng ping-da one who goin 2 Taiwan soon..(all da best fren!!)
yion kai

jian hao random pic
suwen n eng ping

a small group before others cum..
kok wah n yion kai

tat us~

(from top left>wooi sen,you hui,hwee en,wei chung,chin yew,jian hao,kok wah,yion kai,suwen n kok keat)sittin down fron left>ck,hui ngoh,veeiean,sue n eng ping day 6-

meetin yion kai them at 11am but i reached at bout 1pm..

coz i cant wake up on tat day..hehe..paisehyea,another day of gamblin again..
after da gamble,i meet bernice n we go yoon fei workin place for gamble again..
n there i meet poh gek n leg rong
poh gek
then later at nite went 2 cheah place for da last pok sat gamble..
ermm..i think tats all for da post n now end v my chubby lovely camwhore..:) ciao guys~muackss

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