Monday, February 23, 2009

understanding & sorry

i was wondering..
wondering WH question in my mind..
i cant really figure how 2 solve tat craps around..
may b sum of u will thinkin im childish who r jus step into a real world but so aren't u..?
im childish n u r so god damn mature minded..
if u r really so Mature,then pls do ur own job n stop judging ppl..
coz those who r mature wont judge ppl through appearance of sumone..
n i nit 2 add 1 more thing,
those who act like really understand u but u r da onli one who noe isn't he/she is..
dun straight away criticize ppl on wat u c..
sumtimes,da one u c isn't da fact it really do..
time,feel n communicate make u understand a person more..
if u r stayin v da person u will even understand he/she futhermore..
when u r in da group of frens or few of u guys r gathering or chit chatin around,
at tat mean time,
u cant 100% understand a person attitute or da characteristic he/she havin..
mayb he/she is jus pretendin 2 b like tat..
mayb he/she wanted u guys 2 feel it tat way..
mayb he/she wanted 2 show off..
then,wat do u think..?
which attitute or characteristics r they really own..?
try 2 think on other side..
n u nit 2 remember 1 important thing..
if yes,
a JUDGE wont judge ppl wrong easily..
n i noe,
is easy 2 judge da mistakes of others..
so,i forgiv tat..
dun giv a shit or b a "NEEDLE" if u dun really understand a ppl..
tats freaking HURT u noe..?
but i think those who giv those shit or say as a NEEDLEMAN dun really hav tat feel before..
sumtimes,a small lil accidentally words enuff 2 hurt sumone HELLy..
Grab tis opportunity 2 say a SORRY for those accidentally hurt n oso forgive those who r wrong..
n tis time,
i oso use a different way 2 ciao tis post..
SORRY,frens... ...

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