Monday, February 23, 2009

WHY>FRENS definition

altho i say problems make life goes better for da previous old post..
but i still hate it n cant really get used to it..
[i noe sumbody will say tat,who like those problems ite?]
yea,problems make life goes perfect but not fully perfect..
da problems i hate damn much is FRENS..
y cant there is NO prob between Frens..?
NO misunderstanding
NO backstab
NO cucuk-cucuk
NO arguement
NO un-honest
NO bosong
NO narrow minded when u really din mean it
NO high expectation
NO enemies

sumtimes u treat him/her frens but sumtimes they dun think da same way like u..
n theres enemies which cums from frens through conflict tho..
those who u think will b frens forever but then they can overtake times n test so theres end v sadness n HURT..

WHY v nit 2 differentiate whether who is ur best fren,enemy or intimate..?
its oso can b NO nit 2 differentiate it..
but after all theres a deepness of da relation..
understandin n undertake between each other is different..
naturally,it brings out different result..
so i think theres cum da different bah..

when both parties can share their feelings 2gether;
eventho u dun hav 2 giv a shit,
n he/she understood automatically,
then tat mayb can b count as a intimate..
yet,throughout one's life,
how many intimate will u get..?
if u owned,
pls do cherish it..

do Frens will help u "pay" everything..?
i think v should ask bek our own..
will v willing 2 expend everything to our Frens..?
all along,i take Frenship very da serious..
altho theres been a HURT b4 after i paid,
buthen i still believe there is a Best Fren exist..

[found tis meaningful definition from google]

when i saw tis,
i was so in love v wat it mean..
tats hard 2 carry out v those definition..
n in these REAL society,
i think tats is much more harder than hard..
n i think everyone's definition of Frens r changing when u faces da reality..
n oso keep thinkin r those stuff really exist rite..?

i admit tat im a person who r lack of confident in every stuff even in Frens..
but i still will do all those stupid stuff 2 made them great o even happy..
coz i think life is too short 2 b perfect..
dun bother too much to those crapy stuff..
jus relax n take it easy..

do wat u really like n try 2 enjoy ur life..
theres a unknown for tomoro,
live for ur own happily..
but try make others hav a lovely day too i u can coz tats a great stuff if u catch a person smile for u..
do it now n u wont regret it..

n whoever nits sumbody 2 chat v or hav sumthin 2 talk but dunno who 2 talk v,
here i welcums u guys n giv me a call..
altho im far from u guys,
but OceanAgatha will there for u guys..

[i allow u guys not too read tis long post if it really made u lazy 2 read it n im ok wan]


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