Wednesday, March 25, 2009

family dinner

2day is my uncle 50th buffday..
we hav a family dinner at--

which near ttdi..
1st dish..
wrap v crab n meat..
nice nice~~thumbs up for tis..
u c..too nice too eat ad,eat until so awful..
2nd:fishyy.. 3rd:roasted duckie..
[everyone giv a good comment on tis but i jus dun like duck]
then follow by da tofu..
u layer by layer wan..super nice but abit salty..
n tis,DONG BO YUK..
tis is da onli dish i din touch it at all n forever..
cant leave vege in our dish of coz..
then is fried rice n meeeeeee..
v my dad~ 2 silly act brothers
elizabeth n uncle lau da bday boy
annabelle which buffday fall on da nex day
my funny uncle n da one we cant indispensable in buffday dinner~

yogurt cheese cake..tis is da cake i like da most from secret LOVELYYYYYY!

eveyone taking photo n talk bout facebook..n whenever da camera focus on me i jus keep posing even when im talkin..n guess wat my uncle them r start camwhore as

a trend i think..=]
n seems tis is a family post n so i think i should post sum photo bout my family..

tis r da photo we go Giant for a walk after dinner n we buy sum dunnage yday..

n i saw a car n jus feel wanna get a pose for it buti think is quite failed.. n tis is jus now..
in front of da restaurant.. actually theres sumone lookin at me..if not,i think i will do sumthing
n tis is da photo we took while gatherin v Uncle Colin which is da uncle i admire da
family mean lots for ur family member is full v fun n joy 2 gather once a full moon..

Happy buffday Uncle Joshua~

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