Tuesday, March 24, 2009

pressie n short shop day

2day purplely call my bro 2 fetch me 2 1u..
[coz i wanna buy pressie for him]
guess wat..??
is a B-R-A-C-E-S..
but b4 i pay at da counter,i try few dresses oso..
(paiseh---is my bad habit)
n of coz i take picha of it~
yea,tis is fat i noe..
i heart tis sooo muchhhh
[but i can c my tummy =S]

tis dress is cute~~
u c,it look like a butterfly~~
ok,jus ignore my expression..
i noe is disgusting..=[
after bill..feel like wanna chawamushi so headed 2 Sakae for sum sushiiii..
sakae n kane chawamushi
salmon kamaage
paiseh..i noe tis is so geli..
okay..end of da story of da whole day..

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