Sunday, April 5, 2009

family problems

okay guys,u may ignore tis post..
i dun wanna find n oso cant find a person n 2 talk about so i jus write it here..

D:"a lawyer call me few days ago n says ur M is callin 2 him n ask bout da u guys think..?"
U:"... ..."
U:"... ..."

stunning there is my 1st response i gave..
then followed by dumbness..

i noe tats impossible 2 get bek 2 da olden days..
tats really a IMPOSSIBLE..
n i knew da divorcesation will b happen too..
but y i still jus cant b cool n let it b..?
i knew tats tonnes of problems among them from young..
tat problems which cant b fix forever..

last time,
im da one who console my fren..
but now,
i really go thru da fuckin feelin tat emerge from my deep inside..

for who reads tis post,may i ask u a ques..?
is da Sun more important than us or Moon..?
if ur ans is Moon then u r totally wrong..
for me,THEY r like my Sun tat i cant deny forever..
i LOVE them lots tho..

i noe,IF sum of my certain family members saw tis,they might/mayb will say y i dun find them 2 relieve those feelings n get sum console..?
n here my ans is:
1.did u guys can get me out from da stupid feelings NOW..?
2.wat can u console me..?
3.tell me everything tat i ad know..?
4.tell me 2 accept those fact altho i accepted but actually u r thinkin tat i might not..?
5.delete all my sweet memories eventho theres not much..?
6.telling tat whose fault..?
7.advice..?[huh,i hav enuff for tat]
8.telling me everythin will b alright after a while..
9.get used 2 it..?[those feeling occurs is jus bcoz i din get used 2 it la]
10.b happy..?[yea,im tryin 2..]

yea..i would like 2 lean on myself sumtimes,n dun like depend on others everytime..
i noe i will get used 2 it very very damn soon..
n tats is jus a stage for me,nothing big deal right..?

relax buddy,oceanagatha is always fine n no worries for,rite..?
love will always right there whenever u ready for,rite..?
misses... ...

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dracoli sly said...

all i have to say is that, i'll still be here when you need me. all you have to do is look. i can't do much but i can be a good listener (when i try) if you need an outlet