Saturday, April 4, 2009

lovely day

wake up early morning 2day..
then headed 2 klcc for sum shoppin..
but there is too pack 2day..
lots of ang moh..
wanna do sumthing as usual so went over topshop n hav a look 1st..
but after a round,there r nothing special o nice clothes n dress so i headed 2 other shop..
now here da photo ~

hmm,tis is nicer in real..
i was wonderin how i gonna piss if i wore tis..
so troublesome..
cute dress...
mm..i think tis is not bad too..
n tis is an ordinary wan..

after tat,another hunt at another shop again..

green.? or blue nicer..?

love tis till top!
jus ignore da weird pose..
love tis too,but is a long dress..
if short tat will b greater..
hmm..tats all for hunting..n i bought da blue wan in MNG..
bit of hungry n headed 2 isetan..
n is Japan Fair now..
n i saw tis>
i wish tis r mine~~~!
after all..bek 2 mt sweet home for a short rest..
coz watch my lovely movie-Fast n Furious4 at 7pm v ida n her mom~
when we enter da room for movie,there is a huge long queue for snack n ticket counter..
did u c those ppl..?
tats still sumore but i din capture those la of coz..
okay..stop right here lu..

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