Monday, June 22, 2009

chaperlang post

i realize that since my house my blog add alot of rojak post ad..i need to plus all my lovely memories in a post..
ish,i dislike these so much..
firstly,the 1 and onli picha which we take when we reach steamboat restaurant before shuteng n jiann come..
the whole dinner+supper is full of fun,laughter and great teasing session for jiann..LOL
but there sum potong steam in between coz i received a call bout changing time for paintball for the nex day..
n bcoz of these sarah cant join us for Paintball..
btw,da paintball is keep on delay tat day but we do hav a great time too..
["unluckily" i din get any shot]=s

n here comes some photos..>
game start

beforeafter[sweat like hell]

the group=)
n morning woke up my whole body were achin but not as pain as da 1st jus now n get some fashion show at isetan mphosis.

love this hat since i first saw it..
honestly,im freakin tired 2day but i do hav a good time for tryin all those clothes..
feel great!!

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