Monday, June 22, 2009


nowadays,everyone have a same topic..
mayb i shouldn't write so much here,all i can say there gonna alright after some freakin time..

another things-in a relationship o not..
nowadays again,
i saw hell much of problems emerge now within 90% relationship.
problematic,bitchiness ,INPUT n OUTPUT,player and non-players.

y should those stuff occurs in this world..?
erm,okay,mayb theres a lil problem make life more colourful but somtimes it jus too HURT..
or mayb now is the sad season for some other ppl..
*condemned smile*

anyway,spectators cant really do anything except comfort and console..
to all my frens and buddies,lynn is always here for you whenever u guys need me..
feel free to giv me a call when you guys cant really find out ANYTHING..
my shoulder and ears r standby for u guys..

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