Sunday, June 14, 2009

gatherin n meetin

great to meet all my buddies..
i love u guys!!!
n oso nice to meet new frens-josephine,fiona,kerene,keong n da very foot lou zhenyang..
nice to meet u guys!!!
accordin to da previous post that mention bout eatin those breakfast..
i did all except da pork leg rice..
n surprisingly i get to ate my very long lovely Yong Tao Fu Zha Zheong mee..LOL
thx dad for bought me tis lovely breakfast..
will try to upload those picha for u guys okay..

love to go bek once a blue moon..da feel of ate delicious hometown food,meetin frens n new frens is so damn great..

p/s:still at baby town at da mean time..waitin bro comin bek from Ipoh..surely reach home late midnight..haigh..hope i get to wake up tomoro early morning for revision before my theory test..

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