Friday, June 12, 2009

vegetable post

first of all,thx to sarah,jing,teng,jiann n bryan for accompany me after computing class n blow water together..
whenever i make BIG BUSINESS i think of u guys n tat make me laugh..-cut shit
thx 2 freak who call me 12midnight when im on my way to my dream..
im not mad that u guys call me in the midnight but thx coz that make me feel so warm of u guys n miss all of u..
[n oso my very LK partners]
n now,im waiting my bro collegue fetch his gf bek n v will start our journey bek to baby town..
i miss u guys!!
u guys free to had breakfast v me when i reach baby town..?
reach baby town bout 3am straight away chee cheong fun session,
then 5am for loh mai fan,
then 6.30am for pork leg rice,
then 12noon for krisnan curry rice..

okie guys..?
who wanna join jus giv me a call or sms..

wait ya guys!!!

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