Sunday, July 26, 2009

First of all, I need to thx to the Banana couple- Sharon and Trevor for accompany me. Although there is not a great hang out but I appreciate it. Again, laughter still around when I’m around. =P

Thanks God for giving great friends to me.

Another short missing over here. Although I’ve not much contact with each other or can say that no contact but I start to think of you these few days. Wonder what you doing right now, how stuff there going on and wondering did you think of me.

[I know this surely gonna be another short term “missing”. It will end very damn soon like all my past. But I just can’t help thinking of you. Or someone can please remove you from my memory. No one? Never mind, I will forget it very real soon. =]]

P/s: luckily you have your another part of your life.

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