Saturday, July 25, 2009


Why must everything going so un-fluent every time?

Why every time there will be few stuff come towards me together?

I’ve totally get sick on those problems which occur repeatedly.

Can’t I just go through my course peacefully..?

Since back from there I face so many money problems and study stuff all faces financial problems.

I see hope from you guys but what I get every time is tons of disappointment.

Please don’t ever give me a cent of hope just because you don’t want me to feel upset when u know you can’t give me that thing but what I get is much more sadness and heartbroken.

Money, money money.

How if I’m a beggar?

Where I gonna find all the money from?

How if I get sick terribly?

What is the best decision for solving such problems occurs?

I think about ran away from everything, but … problems still can’t solve.

I think about commit suicide, but result still remains the same, problem haven’t solve.

As I say at my very previous, problems made life perfect but I just hate it so damn much when these happens.

I wish like everyone do but will I get blessed?

[I know everything needs my own effort]

That what we so called LIFE huh?


What a Tough Life human being need to go through.

-Dying inside-

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