Tuesday, December 15, 2009

international cuisine

international cuisine is fresh for me now.
due to i dun really like to cook,at 1st i jus dun feel is a great stuff for me.
altho there is hot mad and fucktard tired but i still enjoy the dishes we made n the class.
[mayb for the time being]
whole body smells like a firebriget but i still damn enjoy it.
honestly,1 thing for me to dishes is same like cake and bread.
you can name them as u like with jus a single ingredients different.
n with our school recipe,i jus follow wat stuff we need to prepare but we jus cooked differently.
we put wat we saw,n taste wat we done.
n of coz,due to the heavy taste we are[we jus cant help heavy stuff],our dishes is awesome!
and we create the brand new recipe.=P
but if u call us to cooked the same recipe n the jus an NO ans for u guys.
anyway,anyhow peoples say there is BORED for international cuisine but for me,is a damn goodness enjoyable and fucktard awesome!

theory class start.

water measurement. jus 150 grams of water for soups?
posing with the poor lil dead chicken.
Kesian the poor chicken,dead ad still wanna mou yuk by the weird guy.

did u saw the blood stain on Strawberry uniform?
so concentrate on cutting carrot.

communicate v the chicken before cook.
the blur blur wan.
u c.non-stop torturing the chicken.
cut cut cut chop chop chop
chicken talk?

the steps for chopping the chicken.the PROS

the Experts!
everyone was so busy!
camwhore for the 1st day.
hot n tired!

pancake masks anyone?

ciao guys~


Chibi said...

I don't feel it's bored, it a new challenge for me since i never cook b4 except egg and maggie XD!!!

×ocean× said...

LOL.same here.!hahahafun n get excited every class.=P

Cyrus Chern said...

waliao.. yeng lar.. we do punya lastime.. suxx dao