Monday, December 14, 2009


family gathering at aunt's Garden's apartment.
great taste to gather once a blue moon.

Reach dunno which lobby.
the fooooooooood!
eat until bloated!

i like thisss!
refreshing melon dunno wat alcohol stuff.

yay! i got my early christmas pressie.!
v my damn tall cousin.

u c,this is wat Lim family like to do. say wanna go bek ad but tat time onli start chatting. n sit down again,then when onli can go bek leh?this is wat i get.<3
after the family gathering,bro invite me to Dead Chicken buffday party.
is Library.
not bad environment.=)

and now let the picha do the talking.
Dead chicken and Florence's partner.
Wai Kit.
the chio couple.

Mun Hou

Madeline Ming,a gal who hav her own style.=)
great to noe u.<3

hope u guys enjoy~

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