Saturday, June 19, 2010

dad goes crazy

recently,dad goes crazy until so exaggerate.
all i can say he was like feeding pig.
me and 2 of my bros will soon going crazy like me.
let me tell u.
once we wake up,probably around noon-1pm.
dad bought us either rice with 3 dishes or mee.
after that,2 hours later,he ask us wan to eat anything?
then we stop him from buying anything.
but then,after 2 hours,he steam us dumpling.
[of coz i don't eat,so i push for my bro hehe=x]
when reach 7pm,he call us for dinner again.
then just after dinner,20mins later,he buy us chee cheong fun with curry.
walao eh,really something wrong ad.
but we just leave it and continue bury ourself in the internet again.
but the story never ends.
dad heat back the curry after 2 hours+.
and force us to finish up the chee cheong fun.
while we just finished,he cut us pear lagi.
u guys say la.
crazy not?!
opps,not finish yet.
after the fruits he ask whether want some yogurt o not.
= =
really gonna fei sei lor.

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