Saturday, June 19, 2010

just bye bye

On thurs,me and my bro went to long-time-no go relative house a.k.a shop.
[which last time was house+shop and now are shop]
[last time i use to played and having my short school hol there]
On that thurs,we took some mum's sent stuff to my aunt shop.
while i was going up to upstairs
[FYI,the shop locate at the 2nd floor which 1st floor is a car porch]
i still say to my bro that such ages i've never step at here.
ok,the climax come ad.
my grandmama just ring my bro up and says that the shop got BURNED at the afternoon just now.
everything just finish like that.
everything just gone like that.
everything just BURNED.
just like my grandpapa shop.
BURNED also.
nothing left.
people bye bye,shop also follow bye bye-grandpapa shop.
now,people moved,shop also don't wanna stay.
Rest In Peace,Shoplot.

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