Wednesday, July 21, 2010


rush to school for half day class.
waited an hour and get ffk by lecturer.
few hours blank to go for our next movie so we decided to get 1 early movie.
so we made 3 movies today.

The Fantastic Water Babes which is better than Flirting Scholar2 but just so so.
then follow by a funny movie which is Knight and Day.
lastly Street Dance which made me high coz i love dance!!!
i cant wait to watch Step Up 3 already!!!

next movie in July-
La Comedie Humaine

for August-
The Last Airbender on 5th
Love in Disguise on 12th
The Expendables on 20th
The Stool Pigeon,Grown Up,Vampire Suck and of course Step Up 3D on 26th.

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