Monday, July 12, 2010

photos back!!!

such a long time i didn't upload photos to my blog due to the sucks blogger photo up loader.
and now,i think this is my time to upload something nice for you guys!

visit bro at Kuala Selangor today.
he bought me Wild Oyster!!!
and the Oyster is so damn freshie,yummilicious,crazy sweet and juicilicious!!!
i used to add lots of lemon or some ppl mayb add Tobasco on it while we eat it in the hotel,buffet or some other place which u can able to makan Oyster.
But this time,i didn't need to add any flavouring or anything to it.
It is just omg-sweet!
can you imagine that??
haha,thats sad.:x
ok,come back to the point.
May i know how much you guys usually eat for Oyster Dinner??
$$$ ka-ching ka-ching ka-ching??
Need to think about how much in you wallet?
mine Oyster you can just buy it even you are a 3 years old lil kid.
RM1.50per Wild Oyster.
is Freaking Crazy Cheap i tell you!!!
hahaha,don't envy~ teehee

photos do the talking~^^

the bucket of Wild Oyster.
looks eww at the outside right??but is blink blink inside!

oh yea,an interlude stuff.cut and blow.
woots woots*
wee~ the most satisfy one. :D
thanks Bro and Ida ^^

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