Sunday, July 11, 2010


why should i do so much but end with no appreciation sometimes.
how i wish i was the one who just sit there and just follow.
making a plan are easy,
making a plan works are difficult
but making a plan runs smoothly are tougher than you think.
[coz mayb you will end up blaming by heart sink are this right? :\]
honestly,planing not my work last time.
but i do willing to plan it if everyone were happy with it.
but how will you feel if u get reject every plan u do?
kinda heart sink or shouldn't i use the work kinda,is effin heart sink!
while no plan,then say why no plan;then got plan that time say other stuff.
what you want tell me frankly please.
cooperation and tolerate really need in a group of friends no matter what groups are you in.
other case
some who like to keep on consider consider consider[i also don't what 7 they considering],
but till last minute they will say something like sorry i cannot go coz xxx didn't go or what-so-ever lame reason.

deng,u think everyone need to wait you want meh?
need to plan want you know?
the hardest stuff that a planner wish is their plan runs smoothly you know?!
or maybe you don't even know what planing are.
[oh no,such a shame on you]
i wish everyone end up with a smile and not with a crimple face.
thats a stuff that really cheers you up.

guys,please be cooperate sometimes.
if you don't then please don't talk cock sing song next time.
im so sick of rejection and consideration.
no next time please.
p/s:hanging out with friends,i don't care what where when just as long we are having fun together.
are you the same?

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