Tuesday, July 13, 2010

shitty character

i know there is no perfects in this world.
but somehow,i still cant bare it like that it my deep heart.
so,blog to express myself
anyone who feel bored may just skip it.

someone just grumble about how she finally found that Z is such a idiot which having a Z character if A is stated the best attitude.
i knew it earlier about the Z's character.
i just keep my mouth shut and doesn't complain much about that.
or maybe i just let other people to find out themselves.
[i think this is kinda good way to avoid/prevent people saying you are talking bad someone]
anyway,luckily they found out.
[kinda glad with it. :x]
and now,the partner i think get infected.
getting stingy, selfish and stubborn recently.
[erm,shouldn't say to close love but other way]
will this kinda character infect?
anyway,who cares?
no,im just express something out to release my bosong-ness.
they ain't anything.

im kinda disappointed to something.
but things changed time by time and people who related.
we just cant really worry or care too much.
maybe the only thing i need is just let it be.
by blog it out,heart chat with someone or any method which can just let it go.

"life is short,care too much made life shorter.
snips all worries and go for the happy ones."

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