Tuesday, July 13, 2010


u ask me,i teach.
but my advice you just act like im speaking like a UFO-ian.
i already told you that cant download more than 2 movie at a time.
this will cause lagging.
i don't know you purposely don't take my words or you don't understand what im talking.
i cant do anything while you online.
the best time to use while you are not in.
you are using peoples line and so do i.
so Please don't be sellfish and stubborn can or not?
they are not using 10Mbp,so Please stop your childish act sir!
im going insane freaking soon.

i don't wanna keep telling you the advice like old ladies.
i don't wanna annoy you.
i don't wanna UNRESPECT you.
[most of the people who elder than you will say so whenever you telling the facts]
i don't wanna argue with you.
so can you just follow the Rules??

*another business i would like to talk bout.*
Z say im not respecting due raise my voice.
HELLO,you are wronged ME for not switch off the stupid fan man and please Check before you wrong anyone ok?
Fu*k,who love to be the one who got wronged?
knn,i can use everything of mine to ascertain you don't fucking like either!
saying me don't respect you?
Fuck off la.
you don't even worth gain any of my Respect.
anyone i should Respect i will do my job,but for those who are worst than a kid than why should i waste my Respect?!
Mind your own business before you mind others.
Don't meddle in matters than don't concern you.
Understood not?

everyone knows your how is your shit look.
we just don't wanna meddle anything shit regarding you.
not because we don't know,stupid.
GO Complain again when you saw this.
[wow,at least you still kinda bright about peoples talk about you huh?]
c'mon ass,complain as much as you can.
let me be the bad one and you are the "greatest" in the world.
i don't care you jugging me bad,cause you ain't anything to me.
as long my family know who am i and what am i that is.

Trust me,without your exist,worlds run so much peaceful!

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