Thursday, July 15, 2010


class start soon.
although is kinda happy to back to school but in the other im not that happy with that honestly.
school that means i gotto spend my time with WAIT again.
and this time not i don't wanna wait is there is an unknown place for me to place.
i hate this happen!
school close at 6pm after the stupid renovation.
friends moved to other place.
and conclusion is UNKNOWN place to WAIT.

solution 1:
move to friend house.
[still pending but 90% tak jadi from my sixth sense.]

solution 2:
taxi after my class.
[few family members not allowed.F!]

solution 3:
wait at the nearest friend's house.
[pending request]

due to few solution experience,i might find few more solution if solution 3 got snips again.
[pray hard for it]

frankly,i don't really like to ask helped from others.
but God seems didn't get what i mean and i need help tired-ly.
[thats makes me vex honestly]
i really sick of this anymore.
i tired of finding solution.
i do hate of No or Sorry sometimes.
i hate crying helpless.
is torturing.

i need help!

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