Thursday, August 26, 2010

from my most important people in my life

insomnia night.
adding some clicking,games tunes,lights.
half wake half sleep.
no idea is that counts as my sleep time.
"woke" up with unknown force of pressure,fire and imperishable gas.
totally feel uncomfortable with it.
lovely mummy gave a ring while im almost reach college.
talk around hr.
console and teach me.
somethings happens all at on time too.
trying to control while mom consoling.
but was totally burst after frens asking bout red bug eye.
totally emancipate myself.
feel great and lilbit of depress at the same time.
feel don't really back to the psycho LYNN.
but i still get to smile with frens.

mum really helps me lots and i love mom always!
heart u momma~!

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