Wednesday, October 13, 2010

giant Quail

the giant quail warn us for posting up some he-thought-ridiculous-status on a social network.
anyway,we just telling the fact and we just tell what we feel.
we posted a "million" stuff about the learning place but why he just claim the bad stuff?
we posted about the management,and other stuff but why he don't change to make it better?
should i curse lesser learner for them in the future?
hmm,i think i shall not.
i believe in karma.
anyway,their karma will be collected slowly and become a mountain and explode together then.
i don't care what you gonna do to us.
we are paying to learn and not to having problem with you.
wasting our time for some CLASSIC video?
you are just being perfunctory.
although you are apathetic to us then you can return our fees.
i rather to spend it in other place than this this-cannot-that-cannot learning institute.

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