Friday, October 15, 2010

no time for

projects and assignments pass up and done most of it.
left the very last and also final projects for this REAL hectic semester.
Gingerbread house.
since i moved,i already don't get enough sleep.
wedding cake projects and assignment - lesser sleep time.
now ginger bread - shorten the lesser sleep time.
most of my frens having panda + eye bag as well.

last night,i start my sugarpaste work at 9 and ended at 6.30.and is from pm to am. non-stop
although my eyes are eff tired,but i cant leave my work aside.
without notice, clock reach 6. and so i complete also.
but i do really get shocked,coz i was thought it was just 4 something.

take a short bath and went to bed.
3 hours later,stomachache disturb me from sleepin.

anyway,full of satisfaction with anything im done with sugarpaste for my gingerbread house.
will post some photo up when im free.
and a conclusion for sugarpaste i got>
you will addicted to sugarpaste when u having fun with it.
because so do i!
i cant stop making stuff and my bro say i was too crazy and tot i cast spell by ppl.

opps,too much crappin here.
gotto start my work again.
bye readers.

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